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Autor FIFA 21,Luis Miguel Rodriguez was available via Objectives-SBC
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Postano na 01-06-2021 02:30
The TOTS of the Rest of the World has reached the FIFA 21 envelopes, and Luis Miguel Rodriguez accompanies them with his new letter.

The now 36-year-old Rodríguez has spent his entire career in his home country Argentina. The striker has been active for CA Colón since 2019, having previously played for CA Tucumán and Club Atlético Newell's, among others. He scored seven goals and six assists in twelve games this season, and on Tuesday (June 1st) he will play with Colón in the Copa semi-finals against Club Atlético Independiente. EA SPORTS has equipped the captain with a TOTS special object via objectives.

Worth the Grind?
This isn't a bad card, but it isn't one that blows us away either.

4*/4*, 92 shooting and 91 dribbling are the standouts on a card that is unlikely to make many starting elevens at this stage of FIFA, though he could do a half decent job off the bench thanks to his meta set of stats.

This is Rodríguez’s first special card. He’s part of the ROW TOTS promotion, which celebrates and highlights the best players who had a major impact on their respective clubs in the different leagues around the world. EA greatly increased all of Rodríguez’s skills, including Pace (+23), Physical (+22), Shooting (+15), Dribbling (+14), Passing (+13), and his Defending (+5), when compared to his 75-rated gold version.

Release date and expiration
Release date: Monday, May 31
Due date: Friday, June 4

Objectives Tips
This is a very easy card to unlock.

We'd recommend heading to the Squad Battles mode rather than the Rivals mode, with the teams with low chemistry increasingly easy to defeat on Professional difficulty.

The main tip on this set of objectives is to set you in a formation with as many forwards as possible, as this will make the Forward Precision objective easier to complete.

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14/02/2019 17:44
Valle srecan danasnji dan Imendan ....sve najjjj... puno srece,zdravlja,ljubavi ...itd..itd..zeli tebi tvoj srco najvoljeniji......smiley:

03/10/2018 15:34
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25/12/2017 23:22
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15/08/2017 16:37
Vallee ❤💜💗
8525;😙😚 da pukne 😍😘㈴

19/04/2017 16:59
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17/04/2017 08:48
Srcooooooooooo smileysmiley

14/02/2017 16:29
Valle kiss :-**** srecan ti danasnji dan ....IMENDAN :-*** voli tebe tvoj Srco najvise na svetu 🤗🤗㊂

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